Choosing the topic

While this is a project for a university course, its subject is close to my heart. On Erasmus in 2015/16 Turó de la Rovira, known to ourselves and other erasmus students at the time as ‘Bunkers’, was first on our list to bring each and every visitor we had.

Its views of the city are absolutely spectacular and the atmosphere is very relaxed, and very popular among locals winding down their weekend or celebrating the end of another week of work or study. It really is one of my favourite places on Earth.

As well as it’s sentimental value, there is an apparent lack of english language information on both the location it’s self and the events that occurred there. The best English language source I found on the web is a page on the MUHBA website. The page it’s self gives a brief overview of the site, focussing on recent renovations. Other information on Turó de la Rovira can be found on tourist websites, but these focus on its views rather than giving any historical context. Towards the bottom of the MUHBA website however is a link to a PDF file for a leaflet in Catalan. The leaflet delves into the historical background of the hill to a degree that doesn’t exist in english language resources. In starting this project I hoped that through through translating this leaflet and creating a wikipedia page for Turó de la Rovira I could improve the quality of english language information on the spot, in turn allowing more visitors to appreciate its fascinating heritage as well as its stunning physical beauty.

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