Creating the Wikipedia Page

Having completed the reproduction of the MUHBA’s information leaflet I began to read up on how best to go about creating the Wikipedia page. On starting this project I hoped to use Wikipedia’s in-house translation tools to quickly translate the Spanish Turó de la Rovira page into English. However due to restrictions on new accounts I didn’t have access to the translation suite which is still in Beta.

What I did instead was copy the code used to compose the Spanish page and paste it into wikipedia’s sandbox. From there I changed some formatting and replaced the Spanish text with information from my translation of the information leaflet as well as information from some of the sources I used for said translation. The page must now be submitted for review by other wikipedia users. Seeing as this is my first attempt at creating a wikipedia page I am unsure as to how long that process will take and how strict they are in their reviewing. I am not certain if the page will be approved prior to the deadline for the submission of this project but I remain hopeful. Because of this I have again included some screen captures of my work.

Having pasted the code I copied from the Spanish page, I set about replacing the Spanish information with english information. It’s not a translation however, much of the English language information comes from my translating of the MUHBA leaflet.
How the current draft version appears. I’ll include a link below if anyone wants to contribute. Even providing a few links would be a huge help!

The development of the page, as with every wikipedia article, will be an ongoing process as I hope to add further information and citations as I come across them.

This post will be edited with any updates as the wikipedia page evolves. Here is a link to the current draft of the wikipedia page.


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