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For this project I plan on Translating from Catalan into English this information leaflet for Turó de la Rovira, one of the most scenic and historic locations in the city of Barcelona, Catalonia. The function of the translated text is to give historical information on Turó de la Rovira which is currently unavailable to English speakers. While the translation its self will not be published, it will help me in the creation of the English language wikipedia page. Being such a popular platform, Wikipedia should work in increasing awareness of the location its self as well as it’s historical significance to the city of Barcelona.


This process will involve at least three steps:

  1. Read leaflet and gather supplementary sources
  2. Translate the leaflet into English
  3. Use translated leaflet to create Wikipedia article.


1. Finding and studying sources.

Finding sources has been proving difficult thus far. There exist very few English language sources online, most being touristic guides. In order to read academic texts to serve as background reading for my translation I will have to search more in depth, taking Spanish language and Catalan language sources into account.


2. Translating the information leaflet

Translating from Catalan as opposed to Spanish should be quite challenging, however having studied the Catalan language and culture, as well as having lived in Barcelona for over 10 months, I believe I possess sufficient cultural context to carry out the translation. I will use online resources such as to assist with the translation


3. Composing the wikipedia article

While there already exists a Spanish language wikipedia article on the subject matter, wikipedia have restricted their translation suite to accounts more than 30 days old and that have more than 5000 edits on English language articles. This makes life a little more difficult for me as I’ll have to format the article myself. The Spanish article is beneficial however, providing a template to model my article off as well as providing me with more sources for background reading.




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